• Ottis A Bailey

EXALT — High end protein smoothies & juices.

Updated: Jul 2

EXALT is a London-based high-end smoothie, juice and drink company. A highly engaged list, a knowledgeable, friendly client, and a fun content style made this account a dream to manage for the past year. Below are some campaigns I have copy-written, designed, built and sent in Klaviyo. (That includes creating the header images in PhotoShop).

On the left, a classic sale email. This email produced the highest revenue of any campaign before in the account. Next, a blog post promotion that also promotes a relevant product — breakfast bundles. On the right, 2 monthly newsletter style emails that consistently get great engagement (over 50% Open Rate every time) and even produces revenue — this particular campaign announced a collaboration with Nike (very exciting!) EXALT is a fun client to work with—the guys running it, Charlie & Dan, are super creative and friendly and clearly love what they do. Check them out.

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