• Ottis A Bailey

Irena Sophia - An Etsy to Owned-site Success

I've been helping artist Irena Sophia with email marketing strategy, to assist her with the move from Etsy to an owned-site set-up. Adding a multichannel approach with an owned-site is a big move for any individual artist who wants to move away from being "owned" by a big marketplace like Etsy, Ebay or Amazon. The email set up, strategy, and design I deployed is minimalistic, but effective. Highlights: Converting Etsy historic customers over to the email list by re-engaging customers through the email channel, whilst maintaining standard privacy permissions for the USA. Use of countdown timers adding 50% click-through-rate to campaigns on average. Re-design of the templates to remove noisy elements and improve brand consistency. Irena Sophia is an artist who creates lovely art inspired by soft lines, serene dream-like scenes but also vintage illustration, manga and folk art. Check out her collection here.

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