• Ottis A Bailey

Set up & ESP transfer for EXHALE coffee.

Updated: Jul 5

Give them a visit

Alex & Kirsty were in process of moving over from Omnisend to Klaviyo—and needed help to move over their flows, whilst designing a new template in the meantime. They'd already done a fantastic job at setting up their email marketing, but there were improvements to be made (thankfully!). I successfully re-designed their template to use more of their brand assets and colour scheme, and re-wrote and edited the welcome flow (it was a tad long!). In the below Welcome Series preview, you can see that I've included a "Not Subscribed" disclaimer above each template, referring to customers who aren't on an automatic coffee delivery subscription. This is because I set up a dynamic block in each template that displays an offer for customers' first subscription, but only if they aren't currently on a coffee subscription.

Overall, loved working with these two—a truly inspiring entrepreneurial power couple! Give them a visit for the best (and healthiest) coffee on the market.

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