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Set up & launch for "In Et About"

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Sometimes it's good to work with new businesses. They're always passionate about launching as perfectly as possible—of course it's impossible to launch without some hiccups. With the email marketing setup for premium fashion brand "In Et About", my work was cut out for me with, particularly, the email design and graphic design element of the work. My first submission to the client met their brief; to use the "wallpaper" design elements like they'd used on their social media posts. However, we decided that a more minimalist design would work better overall. It also helped that the team had taken some truly great product photos with the help of models.

Below: the campaigns that built up to the release of the pre-sale, along with the abandoned cart email at the far right.

Launching a store's email marketing initiative is always the hardest kind of job I secure. It's because: > Clients often don't understand the scope of the work, and the necessity of talking with their developer, social media marketers to collaborate. > I often don't understand the scope of the work. There's far too much that can pop-up in the set up process; bugs, other apps they want to integrate, etc. >Having to be a jack-of-all-trades. For instance, I began the client talk here with saying: "I don't do graphic design." Yet, low and behold, I end up doing it, and kind of enjoying it. But I didn't account for having to do it, and it took me way over the hours I intended, for what was unfortunately a fixed price project.

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