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What can we build together?

I took a 7 figure revenue Klaviyo account to 8 figures in one year with a steady growth strategy.


Personalization with lead scoring & nurturing
Constant A/B Tests for content, design, and copy
My own original written copy
The help of an extraordinary design team and developers 

Email Marketing

I am a UK-based Klaviyo email marketing expert with experience writing, building, automating, and managing email flows for the B2C & B2B field.

I have years of experience on agency side, freelance, and managing a Klaviyo account worth over $100M for a major eCommerce website (, writing and creating complex automated flows and well-designed one-off campaigns.

Copywriting & Editing

I'm a copywriter with years of experience in the B2B & B2C scene, who'll make SEO / UX inspired content decisions to write original landing pages, blogs, marketing emails, product descriptions, and more, with engaging Native-English content. I've worked both freelance and in-house to produce content pieces including:

✅ Engaging, SEO optimized blog posts & landing pages for

✅ High-Converting Marketing Email Flows for

✅ Re-wrote and edited all content for WellSpring app.

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